Be Smart Kids is an early educational process that uses software as a tool to teach young children and offer them an educational advantage.

Pat built on WordPress and Order AI. The site features a modern front page that comes to life as a visitor scrolls down. Animations move once they are visible to the user in an HTML canvas.

Be Smart Kids: Cloud is the online version of Be Smart Kids that Pat developed for home users.

Visitors can place orders or can sign up for the browser based version of Be Smart Kids. Visitors can also contact the company or download mobile apps for iOS and Android.

In addition to the website, Pat developed iPhone, iPad and Android versions of Be Smart Kids and animated a powerful video that explains the magic that is Be Smart Kids.

Be Smart Kids Mobile Apps  Be Smart Kids: Cloud


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Pat offers many kinds of digital services, including websites and apps. If you would like to hire Pat for your project, feel free to call or send him a message for details.