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Like most websites on the internet, is able to track certain details about the access of its files. As with most internet websites, if you enter personal information on the internet, it could be recorded in tracking software or seen by another server as it travels across the internet and possibly seen by 3rd parties. If you provide the site with personably identifiable information, such as an email address, that information will be stored securely on third party servers for customer support and site improvement purposes.

The following document outlines the policy in non-specific terms, and is subject to change at any time. This document was last updated on July 19, 2016.

What Kind of Information Is Collected?

Most web traffic on this site is not personally identifiable. Like most sites, we track visitors page views and other analytics to improve the site. However, this traffic isn’t specific to an individual who never identifies his or herself. It is when you identify yourself either by name or email address (for example, the contact form) that you become personally identifiable.

When you contact the site, the email you provide as well as the name and message are kept behind a third party secure server. This information is used to respond and to improve the site and the products that relate to it.

Who Can See your Information?

When you provide the site with personally identifiable information, there is potential for it to be seen by third parties. Keep in mind that information that travels across the internet is often viewable from end to end. If you send personally identifiable information, this information is stored in digital form on third party servers. If you supply your email address, it will not be offered to unrelated 3rd parties (such as unrelated spammers). If you communicate with the site, someone involved with the site might reply, or commission a reply or advice from a related party to better serve visitor’s inquiries. Government agencies can order the site to hand over certain pieces of information you share.

What is shared

Non-personaly identifiable things might be shared. For example, the site might share its number of visitors… the fact that you, specifically, were one of those visitors will not be shared unless you give consent.

Communications and analytical data is transmitted and kept by Google and Hostgator servers. Your internet browser also keeps track of much of the same data.

How much does know about you from your visit?

Your visit is not very revealing about you as an individual unless you or your device reveal such information. Without being specifically told who you are, the site is not going to know you name or exactly where you are… the site doesn’t view the browser as “your” browser, but as “a” browser that has technical needs for certain files.

Like most websites on the internet, is able to track some data regarding the location of its visitors, the time of their visits, the length, and some of the ways the visitors enter the site and the files that a visitor views. This data is for analytical purposes, improvement and support.

Type of Location Data: Location data is non-specific and often inaccurate, normally limited to a city-wide location. Your exact location is unknown to this site unless you tell it. IP addresses provided by your connection are also collected.

Your name & email address is unknown unless you or your computer provides this information. If you wish to be “more” anonymous online consider using alternative email addresses and handles when you communicate.

Your technology – Information about your device and browser are collected. The site uses data about your device to render itself and present relevant data to provide a better browsing experience.

There are many more technical ways that the internet and servers track systems that connect to it and access its files.

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